Will Google kill your business on April 21?

Will Google kill your business on April 21?

09 Oct 2018

Will Google kill your business on April 21?
Will Google kill your business on April 21?

On April 21 Google will draw a line in the sand and force all websites and online stores to work on all mobile devices or it will start ignoring them in its mobile search results.

What does this mean for you?

Google will kill your search engine traffic if you don’t comply

Put simply if your website or online store does not work well on tablets and mobile phones as decided by Google, then Google will no longer list you in its search results on mobile devices.  

At least not on the first pages of search results where people click on links.

Most likely your position in searches on desktop computers will also suffer, as it is unlikely that these new changes to Google’s search results will be entirely limited to mobile devices.

How does this affect you?

If your website or online store was created with ANAKODA you are safe

ANAKODA designe websites with full mobile functionality in place. We even convert older websites from earlier versions of internet technology to make them mobile compliant.

How bad will the impact be on my businesses?

The impact of Google’s changes on some businesses who don’t have Google mobile compliant websites will be dramatic.

Today as much as 50% and in some cases even more of website traffic in online stores is generated by customers using mobile phones and tablets.

This mobile traffic on your website is threatened by Google directly, and there is a good chance that your desktop traffic will be affected as well.

Google will punish you for good SEO work

How big the impact on your business will be depends on the portion of your traffic which is generated by Google searches and the portion of mobile traffic you have on your site.

If you have worked hard to make your website appear at the top of Google’s search results and you rely on receiving a large proportion of your website traffic from Google, then this change has a good chance to wipe out a large portion of your traffic. 

Chances are unless you make your website mobile immediately, you will experience a big drop in sales.

Google wants to kill your site if it is not mobile compliant

After all: Google has decided to kill your site by ignoring it, as they don’t like it anymore.

While this is not what they say in their official statement, this is what the result of their actions will be. Essentially they want to force you to match their design requirements or else. 

Not everyone will suffer dramatically

However not all websites will notice a huge impact.

If very little traffic on your website stems from Google searches, the impact on your site will be minimal.

While Google is responsible for almost 70% of all online searches performed, not everyone is dependent on Google for their traffic.

You can find out how much of your website traffic stems from Google and from mobile devices by installing tools such as Google Analytics on your website.
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