How to take a nap at work?

How to take a nap at work?

14 Oct 2018

How to take a nap at work?
Do you Remember kindergarten? It’s the only time in school we were offered naps and, if you were anything like me, you didn’t appreciate it at all. My ungrateful five-year-old self was still reminiscing about recess, or scheming about how I’d try and persuade my mom to let me have a cat that week.
Couple of years later, I’m kicking myself because we don’t get naps at work. If I wasn’t afraid of being judged, I’d totally bust out my fold-up red and blue mat – y’all remember the ones but since my company isn’t like Google and we don’t have napping pods, I just turn to coffee while channeling my inner Jack Shephard (This guy in Lost that have spend his day having flashback) as I reminisce about all that wasted kindergarten naptime.
We found the desk that you always dreamed of.

But today, our dreams have come true, my friends, because there exists a desk that is built for maximum napping efficiency. Created by Greek company Studio NL, the genius space-saving “1.6 S.M. of Life” prototype is basically a bunk bed where the top is for your laptop instead of a snoring sibling and the bottom is a cushy comfy place for the beautiful naps you can take to beat those 3 p.m. slumps.

As you can see, its top can even slide forward so one person can work while another naps. This might seem like a strange feature at first glance, but if you’re part of a two-person team working on a deadline in a tight space a la Mulder and Scully, this aspect could actually be the kicker.

But we have another problem ! I know what are you thinking now we won’t be able to hide for an hours nap at  office, I actually found you a solution but if you are not working for one of the company in the list bellow take a pen and write resignation letter.
The ride sharing company's San Francisco headquarters includes nap rooms. These were designed by interior design firm Studio O + A, under the supervision of principal Denise Cherry.
"For Uber, a company known for regulatory battles, we were tasked with creating a room built for maximum efficiency--a room so built for work that no one would need to leave," says Cherry. "This included a living room space, a kitchenette, and, of course, small focus rooms that double as nap rooms."
The perks at Google's Mountain View, California, headquarters are aplenty: nap pods, complimentary food and drinks (including a coffee bar with a full-time barista), and shower rooms, to name a few.

Tony Hsieh, famed implementer of the Holacracy (self-government) workplace regime, is also a proponent of napping at work.
Perks at the online shoe retailer's Las Vegas headquarters include EnergyPod chairs, massage chairs, regular wellness fairs, and onsite health screenings.
Capital One Labs
A World's Coolest Offices 2014 honoree, the software company Capital One Labs has a wildly bright interior, meant to nurture the creative spirit among its San Francisco team.
It also houses sleeping nooks, which are connected to the ground by way of ladders and "gabled blue" support beams.
Ben & Jerry's
One of the earliest adopters of the workplace napping policy, the Burlington, Vermont-based ice cream company has had an office nap room for more than a decade.
"The room itself is really part of the larger corporate culture here and the company's belief that a happy employee is a productive employee," a spokesperson told the BBC.
PricewaterhouseCoopers is another surprising adopter of nap pods.
"A lot of companies are realizing that good performance needs a balance of healthy eating, resting, and focusing," says Stefan Camenzind, CEO of Evolution Design. The Swiss design firm recently wrapped up PwC's 50,000-square-foot offices in Basel. Evolution Design has also worked on projects for Google in Tel Aviv and Dublin.
"Most people are told that the harder you work, the longer you work, the better it is," Camenzind adds. "That's not sustainable, and that's probably also not true. It's about smart working, and that means you need to recharge. In this context, nap rooms become more and more important."
It’s time for us to write our resignation letter move out from our little province and setup in California, and especially San Francisco which seems to be the city with the biggest average of company that allow the 3pm nap and if that not kickass what can it be! Or we have for second option to sell our old fashion desk and purchase this amazing invention of our century (is not to late) a Nap Desk.
Good naps to everyone see you in an hour. 
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