Best computer speakers of 2016

14 Oct 2018

Best computer speakers of 2016
Nearly every PC includes some sort of default speakers, but they're invariably not very good. If you're looking to upgrade, there are plenty of alternatives available. We've shifted away from impractical 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround setups to more straightforward 2.0 (stereo) or 2.1 (stereo with subwoofer) models. Our top choices below include plenty of options at $150 and below. Note that we also have a bias towards larger speakers, because they tend to deliver better, more full-bodied sound. Also, remember that all "PC speakers"--except for USB-powered models--can also be used to amplify the sound from anything with a headphone jack, including iPods and music phones. Conversely, any iPod speaker system with an auxiliary input can also double as a PC speaker.
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